How Can I Sell My House In Chicago Fast?

Easy, Sell To Us! We Buy Houses In Chicago In Any Condition!

When you sell your house us there is no need to clean, make repairs, or make any upgrades. There are also no fees, or commissions! We pay all the closing cost, you select the closing date. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! 😁

Selling Your House Has Never Been So Simple! Here’s How It Works…

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We’ll contact you to setup an appointment to visit the property. From there will make you an offer.

If our Offer works for you, we schedule a closing date at a local reputable title company. You pick the closing date!

Still Curious About How We Buy Houses?

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The Home Factory - We Buy Houses In Chicago

Still Curious About What Happens Behind The Scenes?

~ Let’s Dive Deeper

But first, we want to ensure that you get everything that you expect when you sell your house in Chicago. We encourage you to educate yourself on the all of the options available. Options such as listing with a Realtor®, selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner), or even keeping the house as a rental. These options are all good options, but among all the choices available, only you can select the one that best fits you and your situation.

The following is designed to help educate you on what to expect from the moment you contact us, through the process of how we will make you a cash offer. Our hope is that after reading this, you will be an fully understand how we analyze and make offers.

How We Pay Cash For Houses…

🤓 The Details…

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash?

~ But You Still Want A Great Offer

Let’s start with the understanding that not everyone wants or needs to sell their house fast for cash. There are some people who are okay with waiting several months or longer in hopes of securing an offer through a listing agent. For others, they may have Inherited A Property, Moving to an assisted Living Facility, Facing Foreclosure, Going Through Divorce, Have Too Many Repairs, Downgrading or Upgrading, or simply want to sell quickly and avoid the hassle of selling the traditional way, and dealing with the stress that comes with it.





Open Houses/Showings


These are just a few items to expect when selling your house traditionally. Not to mention contingencies such as Financing or Inspection results that can allow the buyer to cancel the contract, and leave you with the house even longer!

We buy houses in Chicago and provide an alternative solution for home sellers. Our ability to pay cash, and/or use non-traditional ways to help owners sell their houses quickly provides options that most sellers never knew existed.

So You’re Ready To Proceed And Get A Great Offer?

~ But What Happens Next

We understand that for most people looking to sell their house fast, they simply want to get to the point and know how much we will pay for their house. You may think that working with a “House Buying Company” equates to receiving an insultingly low ball offer, that will be generated in minutes, without anyone even looking at the property, thus being a total waste of your time.

That’s Not How We Work…

We’re the opposite! It takes time, money, and effort to drive throughout Chicago visiting and analyzing properties. Taking our contractors off of other projects to visit a prospective property and give repair estimates so we can write the offer. All of which is 100% free to our customers! No one will accept a low ball offer, and we would have wasted time, money, and effort for nothing!


When you fill out a form, we immediately get to work on your offer. We will reach out to you to introduce ourselves, and possibly ask and/or confirm a few questions. We would then schedule an appointment to view the property. Remember, it’s in our best interest to give you our highest and best possible offer we can, and get that offer accepted. This is how we stay in business!

How Do You Calculate Your “Highest And Best” Possible Offer?

Our Offers Are Based On The “After Repair Value”

~ But What Does That Mean…

This means we will look at what the value of your house would be AFTER it is fully fixed up. We will then use this value to make an offer.

Let’s look at an example…


Let’s imagine that you have a house that you wanted to sale. The house isn’t in terrible condition, but it hasn’t been updated in awhile. You know that it could use some work…


Let’s say that your neighbor had the same type of house as you, layout and all. But your neighbors house is a bit different. There are brand new hardwood floors throughout, new kitchen cabinets with granite counter tops, and back splash to match. A new roof… well you get the idea. Let’s just say, your neighbors house could be featured on HGTV.

Finally Let’s say your neighbor was then able to sell the house for 200K.

So What Do We Know?

We now know that if we were to purchase your house and repair/upgrade it to the same condition as your neighbors house when it sold, we would be able to sell it for about 200K. This sales price is called the “After-Repair Value” (ARV).

During the appointment to visit the property, we would determine the amount we would need to spend on the Repairs and Upgrades to obtain that 200K ARV. After we’ve obtained the Renovation cost, we can then make an offer that will work for both of Us!

As you can see, our offer is based on the After Repair Value and the Renovation Cost, and not how desperate you may or may not be to sell.

Let’s Look At An Actual Example Of How We Make Offers To Sellers… 💰

The Offer

We value honesty, transparency, and solving problems. In this section we will outline an example of an offer we could make. We have no issues with outlining how we make offers and the math behind them.

Before we begin, let’s breakdown a few terms

After Repair Value

This is the first step we take when evaluating a potential house to buy. Once we know what people will pay for the house AFTER everything is done, we can begin listing what we think the expenses for repair and upgrades will be.

Renovation Costs

This is the estimate we work with to budget the cost of repairs and upgrades AFTER we purchase your house. These repairs would include everything that we would need to repair/upgrade to sell the house.

This is what it will cost us to sell the property AFTER we purchase it and fix it up. These cost include closing cost, agent fees, property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and any homeowner association fees. This typically totals out to 10% of the ARV, but in some instances, it could be more. These are the cost that you DON’T have to pay if you accept a Cash Offer from us.

Our Minimum Profit

Since we are in the business of Buying and Selling houses, we would have a difficult time Buying houses to Rehab and Sell (in addition to staying in business) if we didn’t profit. 🙂 Our business model is based on a minimum profit expectation so we can give you the best possible offer. It’s also hard to stay in business if our offers don’t get accepted.

One of the most popular options among sellers is to receive a Cash Offer. There are a lot of benefits to a Cash Sale, and in our opinion, it can be the Best Financial Decision in most situations. There are no Realtor® fees or commissions paid by the seller. The risk to the deal is low since we are cash buyers and are not awaiting financing approval, and we are also buying your home in its current condition, so you don’t have to make repairs or clean anything to meet buyer or lender requirements.

Our formula

[Your Offer] = [ARV] – [Renovation Costs] – [Our Selling Cost] – [Our Minimum Profit]

What does this mean?

We take the After Repair Value and subtract the Renovation Costs, Selling Cost, and our Minimum Profit to determine our Cash Offer. It’s as simple as that!

Let’s look at this example using the formula from above…

We know that the “After-Repair Value” is 200K based on your neighbors recent sale.

We also know that in order for us to sell your house for 200K we will need to make it look similar, or better than your neighbors house. Let’s say we walked though the house with our contractor and we receive a “Renovation Costs” estimate of 50K.

As previously mentioned, the cost to sell a house can be pricey. Based on holding cost, getting it staged, listed, and sold, our “Selling Cost” (200K x 10%) totals out to be 20K.

Lastly, let’s say our “Minimum Profit Expectation” would be 30K.

[Your Offer] = [ARV] – [Renovation Costs] – [Our Selling Cost] – [Our Minimum Profit]

[Your Offer] = [200K] – [50K] – [20K] – [30K]

Your Offer = 100K

As you can see, we make our offers based on the amount of repairs/upgrades needed, and the After Repair Value. We simply add up the numbers and try to give you the highest possible offer we can make. Remember, we stay in business by getting offers accepted! Not by giving low ball offers that no one will accept!

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House? 🤔*Hint: There’s More Than Just Realtor® Commissions…

Understanding The Cost To Sell Your House

~ The Cost You Don’t Pay When Selling To Us! 😀

By now, you’re probably considering all of your options and thinking to yourself “How much will it really cost to sell my house on my own?”. We’ve sat down with many sellers, and each have almost always grossly miscalculated the estimated fees for the cost of selling their house.

There’s More Than Just Realtor® Commissions?…

Of course, this isn’t anyone’s fault, but understanding the cost to sell a house is really important! Underestimating this expense can lead to major disappointment with the end results of your sell, or even worse, you may not be able to make the numbers work and not be able to sell your home!

Closing Cost • Escrow Cost • Cost of Getting Ready To Sell

~ Closing Cost ~

Closing cost is going to be made up of Debt Payoff and Professional Services, some of which are unavoidable.

Paying off mortgage loan balance (Call your mortgage company)

Unpaid association fees (Contact your association)

Realtor® Commissions (Negotiable but varies between 5-6% of sale price)

Recording fees (Varies by city)

Unpaid property taxes (Cook County Treasurer)

Mechanics/Judgement liens on the house (Cook County Recorder of Deeds)

Attorney fees (Depends on the Attorney, but typically $1000-$1500)

Conveyance taxes (Varies by city)

If you choose to sell to us, we’ll pay all of the closing cost!

~ Escrow Cost ~

Once there is a contract to sell your house between you and a buyer, you enter what is called escrow. Typically, the buyer is responsible for the cost of having a home inspection, but the seller may be responsible for Pools and Septic Tank inspections. Escrow is also where buyers can use inspection results, and mortgage contingencies to cancel the contract and back out of the deal.

Inspections that are seller responsibility (Varies but can be $200-$600)

Inspection result repair costs (This depends on scope of repairs, but budget $1000-$5000)

There are no Mortgage or Inspection Contingencies if you choose to sell to us!

~ Cost of Getting Ready To Sell ~

These cost are affiliated with preparing your house to sell, and they are possibly some of the most misunderstood. I want to add that these cost are completely optional, but are relevant when attempting to sell a house for market value.

Deferred maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and upgrades aka Renovation Costs (This is going to depend on scope and size of your home)

Pre-sale inspection (If you choose to have one $400-$600 plus the costs of repairing any items found)

Professional and virtual staging (If you choose to have one $200-$500)

You don’t have to make any repairs, clean up, or perform any upgrades if you choose to sell to us!

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